The rumors and other information filter more about Windows 8, the new operating system from Microsoft that will succeed Windows 7 in 2012.*We discover that the new OS should provide further customization of the Aero interface through a color, web browsing and an immersive PDF reader.

Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrot show this time that Windows 8 will focus more on customizing the interface of Windows Aero desktop 7.*If under the latter it is possible to customize the color of the interface under Windows 8*self-coloring*will be there.

In fact via the custom settings for color and appearance of windows, an option appeared Automatic Windows 8: it's actually for this feature to automatically extend and better the color of the interface with that the screen selected by the user, which normally enjoy greater harmony.

The two buddies also indicate that Windows 8 natively integrate its own*PDF*reader called Modern Reader,*an application that uses the new format*Appx.*With him, it will of course be possible to display PDF documents faithful, zoom, view pages side by side and easily navigate through the document using a vertical sidebar.