If you are looking for a laptop to 15 inch size and good overall performance and the games are your priority, the Asus G53JW-SX276V might interest you.*It runs on Intel Calpella platform with a processor Arrandale i5, a Geforce GTX 460M, a space to store 500 GB, USB 3.0 and a backlit keyboard.

The Geforce GTX 460M has positioned itself as one of the most powerful mobile GPU of the moment, enough to indulge his favorite stocks in a satisfactory manner, the latest games and resource intensive 3D understood.

This dedicated graphics card is accompanied by a good amount of RAM and 4 GB and an Intel Core i5-480M, which provides beautiful duet performance in current use and multitasking. The drive offers to share a good space to store 500 GB but it works prior to 5400 rpm and not 7200 rpm what some regret but probably hard to blame him at this price level.

The same goes for the screen that sports a 16:9 format particularly well suited to playing videos as well as his brilliant treatment that enhances colors but nevertheless shows on reflections: in fact it shows a standard resolution of 1366 768.*Admittedly, this is not the place to enjoy a beautiful space to display or High Definition, but it is entirely consistent with the rest of the specifications and it can play properly in native resolution even titles most applicants.

Its connection it should satisfy most users, despite the absence of e-SATA and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi n, HDMI, VGA, audio ports and 4 USB ports, 1 USB 3.0 to receive transfers until to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 with USB 3.0.