Alienware has just announced its latest in laptops as Intel platform Huron River, with 14.1 inches and 11.6 inches M14X M11X R3 and the 18.4 inch model M18X, all equipped with a processor Sandy Bridge.

Alienware also discusses his future 18.4 inch Alienware M18X obviously aimed at gamers.However, it will wait until May to be able to acquire.

The Alienware M18X, which looks black and red, will be marketed under Intel platform Huron River with a processor Core i7 Sandy Bridge that can be directly overclocked by Dell to reach a frequency of 4.0 GHz!

The graphics side, we find two models 480M Geforce GTX SLI configured or 2 HD6970M Radeon (up to 4 GB DDR5 dedicated!) In CrossFireX. It is therefore hoped that the mark has provided a cooling system accordingly.

Moreover, it weighs 5.41 kg and measuring 436 x 322 x 53 mm, which does not really intended to be carried around all day with you, especially as its charger alone weighs 1.47 kg!

The screen is it a basic model HD (1920 1080) but no 3D option is provided for now. However, Alienware mentions the presence of an HDMI 1.4 connector capable of channeling the flow of 3D and wireless technology that it can stream media 3D Full HD.