The information continues to filter the web for Windows 8, the new Microsoft operating system expected for 2012 including a new pre-release appeared recently on the web. We discover as well as multiple editions E and ARM are in preparation.

As you probably know if you follow the news related to Windows 8, Microsoft has only formalized the fact that this new OS will be compatible with the ARM architecture.

If it is based on the equivalent of N and E versions of Windows 7, it means that the first lacks the Media Center and Windows Media Player while the Redmond company had Pl. several months later on a version E the decision of the European Commission.

This body of the European Union had considered that Microsoft did not play the game by integrating its Internet Explorer browser automatically in its Windows operating systems which put him in a de facto dominance, even too dominant compared competition. Microsoft had then worked on editions of Windows without Internet Explorer 7, named E. versions However they have not been sold, Microsoft has proposed an interim solution, the bundle screen (offering the user a choice of browsers), who convinced the European Commission.

Steve Ballmer teams seem to be prepared for any eventuality with Windows 8, already now working on specific editions in case of official agencies (such as the European Commission) accused him again its dominant position.