Google launches the final version of its browser Chrome 11 and already communicating on his successor, Chrome 12. Several new features are planned for the new Google browser Chrome 11 of which a new icon as well as support for hardware acceleration via the graphics for 3D CSS, but also adding a voice recognition function.
This feature can be used via the application programming interface (API) based on Speech Input for HTML5 audio and WebKit for the recognition of words spoken.*From a compatible site, users can click a button and see his words dictated into a microphone transcribed as text.

Chrome 12 will also benefit from a new JavaScript engine and a new option based on the API NPAPI ClearSiteData. By going to Advanced Options> Clear browsing data, it will be possible to "delete cookies and other site data and plug-ins, and it occasionally or every time you close the browser.*For now, only Flash Player 10.3 is affected by this option.

The firm also reports on Chrome Mountainview 12, his future browser, which will offer improvements in terms of user interface, stability and performance.