The arrival of the Tablet PC market upsets but also other devices. Indeed, this is shown by a survey conducted by Nielsen. The Nielsen study focuses on users shelves in the United States. It highlights several interesting features related to the behavior of their users.

Thus, half of the owners of a shelf are the only user, so that 43% of them share it with others. They are still 8% said that other family members use their Tablet but not them. But the most interesting is probably the impact of qu'al'arrivée shelves on the use of other appliances in the home.

If the proportions are fairly close to the owners of a desktop PC, however they are different to those fitted with Netbook plus a shelf. They are in fact only 50% use their Netbook much before the arrival of a shelf in their lives as against 23% using it less and 5% do not use it at all. However, they are still 22% more frequently to seek their Netbook since they have a Tablet.

The second chart shows why the owners of a tablet instead use them as their Tablet PC while they are still 77% say they use their Tablet to perform actions before they realized their computer. 31% of them say they prefer their tablets to their PC as it is easier to transport, 21% because their interface is simpler and 15% because it starts faster. They are, however, only 7% cited their lightness as a criterion.