IDC reveals its figures on sales of processors in Q1 2011 that unlike those PCs are doing well with an increase of 7.4% over one year. Compared to fourth quarter 2010, which is let us remember a time conducive to sales because of the holiday season, the processor market also rose but less important to +1.6%.

The launch of platforms based on Intel Sandy Bridge (Huron River platform for notebook PCs) and APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) AMD Fusion (Brazos mobile platform) has of course contributed to these good results, while sales are generally weak first quarter.

In Q1 2011, Intel accounts for 80.8% and the processor market to AMD (18.9%), similar figures in Q4 2010. VIA him far behind with 0.2% market share.

In the area of ​​mobile PCs, Intel crushes a little more competition with 86.3% market share, an increase of 0.2%, against 13.4% for AMD, down 0.1%. Things could change, however positive in the coming quarters for the company in Sunnyvale that will launch its platform for APU Fusion Llano Sabine mobile and desktop Lynx, thereby competing directly with Intel's Sandy Bridge.