While the new platform Cedar Trail Cedarview Intel Netbook is expected in 2012, one discovers information about his successor for 2013.

According to our colleagues from CNet, Intel is working on a new architecture based on Atom Technology Tri-Gate transistors 3D presented last week. This allows, among other to maximize performance while consuming less power than the current generation, especially if the chip that operates at the base consumes little energy, which is the case of Atom.

Dubbed Silvermont, this new generation of Atom chips is scheduled for 2013 SoC (system-on-Chip) and thus incorporates both a processor part and graphics. It will benefit from an engraving in 22nm technology and 3-D Tri-Gate. Performance should therefore logically be increased while energy consumption and heat dissipation are they down compared to previous Atom.

Clearly, with an Atom Netbooks Silvermont be more powerful, more autonomous and will require probably no fan where a silent operation.Tablets may also benefit from this new generation of Atom engraved in 22nm technology with 3D Tri-Gate.

It must be said that the firm of Santa Clara is somewhat shaken in the area of Netbooks with one hand, the rise of AMD's platform and his Brazos APU Zacate and Ontario and the other starting to ARM waves. It must therefore offer an attractive alternative compared to the competition.