Intel has chosen to launch its Atom processor platform for Cedarview Cedar Trail at rates far more attractive than the Pineview Atom to revive interest in netbooks.

To do this, the Santa Clara firm has decided to hit a home run with its new processor platform for Atom processors Cedarview Cedar Trail designed for netbooks. These new CPUs are indeed offered at a rate of 30% to 50% lower than the platform for Atom Pineview Pine Trail that currently found in most Netbooks.

In fact, Intel may well revive interest in the marks for Netbooks. Many of them are indeed turning to the shelves, reserving Netbooks in less mature markets such as Brazil or India.

And more so that the platform Cedar Trail offers a real change from Pine Trail: Cedarview its Atom processors are indeed finally! Capable of playing 1080p HD video properly. Moreover, Intel would distribute machinery Cedar Trail offers a format of 7 to 12.1 inches, with the possibility of offering up to 4 GB of RAM for models equipped with Dual Core Atom Cedarview N2800.