While the show at Computex 2011 has opened its doors, we discover some information about AMD's future mobile platforms and more specifically the successors of Sabine and Brazos baptized Comal and Deccan.

Sabine mobile platform should be launched shortly by AMD. She is best known for the moment to its APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) which embed within them a memory controller, processor and some graphics.

GG Llano are models Dual Core or Quad Core, with hearts Husky, Beavercreek and Winterpark. Displaying a TDP of 35W or 45W, depending on version, they integrate a graphical DirectX 11 UVD3 able to decode HD videos without worry. These APUs will be declined under Llano references A4, A6 and A8, a new name introduced by AMD for its chips based on the Fusion architecture.

Under Sabine platform, they will be accompanied by a chispset or AMD A70M A60M. Both support up to 6 SATA 3.0 ports (6 Gb / s) and the RAID and 4 PCI-Express Chipset but only A70M comes standard with the support of USB 3.0.

In 2012, the platform will succeed Comal Sabine with APU Fusion Trinity Wreatherford and Richland, the latter two for the midrange while Trinity will be the reference for the high end. All will feature hearts Piledriver for the processor part. DDR3 controller and integrated graphics will also be there.