As expected Microsoft took advantage of the D9 Conference to present his new major operating system called Windows 8, which will offer even more enhanced immersion to the user.

In fact Microsoft has focused his presentation on a Windows 8 types of devices including: Tablets.In this regard, support for the ARM architecture in addition to the traditional x86 would be a plus, allowing manufacturers to offer Windows Tablet 8 equipped with Qualcomm chips, Texas Instrument orNvidia, or to turn to more traditional products from Intel or AMD.

Windows 8 offers an immersive user interface for highly qualified based on that presented in Windows Phone 7.The home screen provides information and time and date, pending messages or even planned events in the calendar, all displayed on a screen that the user can customize.

The user sees his habits upset because the Windows-8 consists of mosaic of vignettes, and what it is for the Tablets or more conventional computers.That is, exit the taskbar and start menu classics.We therefore understand why Steve Ballmer said that the next Windows operating system would be a gamble for Microsoft!