Asus is currently working on trying newcombinations of hardware from the competition to stand out. Asus hasnow next to the Padfone a new concept in hand: behind the Eee PadTransformer is the idea of the benefits a tablet with which a note ornetbook to connect. Home on the couch surfing is more then the Tabletasked you but will write longer emails, or Office documents to workin, is the docking station with keyboard ready.

When Eee Pad Transformer meets Asus theright tone, which regards the quality of workmanship.Thus, thereverse is not like the Apple iPad feels competition from aluminum,but the plastic quality, thanks to a decent structure. In place,namely at the edge of the Asus Eee Transformer Pad, then also found astabilizing aluminum profile.Through the dark and derzente Bronestaining puts the tablet down a stylish look that can keep up withthe competition entirely.

The heart of a tablet is of course thedisplay. This Asus is a reflective IPS display (like Apple) with aresolution of 1280 800 pixels. This corresponds to the currentstandard tablets. Whether the 16:10 variant like here or the 4-3variety, such as theApple iPad is the better is a matter of taste. Inany case, makes the display a very good impression. On the sitecontinues to have a fast dual-core processor mentioned (Cortex A9;Tegra 2 basis).