While AMD is expected to officiallyannounce shortly the launch of its new mobile platform for laptopsSabine, the chipmaker today released specifications APU Llano A4, A6and A8 dedicated. The APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) is the newflagship of AMD.These are chips that incorporate within it someprocessor, a graphical DirectX 11 and DDR3 controller.

While AMD has already launched its APUZacate (Series E) and Ontario (Series C) for Netbooks andconfigurations for small budgets, the brand now announces its SeriesA Llano APU designed them to integrate the heart-end laptops , ie themodels of midrange and high end.

For itsSeries A Llanoengraved in 32nm,AMD announced a range of more than10.30,an increase of 50% over theprevious generation (Danube) with an opportunity to properly view HDvideo (3D included) but also to switch dynamically between theintegrated graphics to the APU and a possible dedicated graphics cardAMD Radeon DirectX 11.

GG Llano Series A mobile platform forSabine come in 3 categories: A4, A6 and A8.All work with memory DDR31333 MHz with the exception of A6 and A8 models MX also agree thatDDR3 1600 MHz. Note also that the APU have a Turbo mode to increasethe frequency of the processor part when needed by the applicationsused.