The GT680R MSI-034 is a versatilelaptop oriented multimedia and games currently available flashappears.Format 15.6 inches, it runs on Intel platform Huron Riverwith a Quad Core processor Sandy Bridge, a Geforce GTX 460M, a FullHD panel, Blu-Ray, SSD, hard drive swift, a nice amount of RAM andUSB 3.0, in short of the solid.

Among the technologies enjoyed thisnotebook, we find that Pro Cinema by pressing a button results inimproved image quality and sound.Same process to Turbo Drive Engine:Pressing the button and dedicated performance will see increased.

It is distinguished by its storagespace assigned to two units: a hard drive a good 500 GB capacity thatoperates at 7200 rev / min (against 5400 r / min usually) and a 120GB SSD that will be preferred to install the latest system andapplication to get the best possible response when the hard drive canbe used to store data.

Other strengths of this laptop, itsnice amount of RAM and 6 GB Intel Core i7-2630QM.This couple isparticularly suited to work like video editing and photo editing,resource-intensive areas of RAM and CPU.Of course, Sandy Bridge and 6GB DDR3 also deliver strong overall performance, supported by twodisk drives fast but the dedicated graphics card.