The Samsung burn CDs and DVDs about asfast as pure DVD burner in slim format. Single-layer DVDs (4.38gigabyte) after 11 minutes were filled with data, two-layer (7.96gigabyte) after about 27 minutes: These are good values. Burned DVDshad a low error rate. Negative: The home-burned discs but can notplay with around 19% of DVD players. For CD-Rs produced the Samsungmore errors than the permitted standard. There's only one thing: getdown with the burning speed.

Copying of data onto the hard drive ,the Samsung combo done in a distinctly audible drive noise (2.5sone). As much noise it produces when playing DVDs: For silent filmsites which can be annoying. Only when playing Blu-Ray movies sankthe speed and therefore the noise level decreases significantly - to0.6 sone.

The low failure rate when burning DVDsand the low noise level in the Blu-ray playback speak for the SamsungSE-406AB. Too bad: the high failure rate when burning CD-Rs cloudsthe overall positive impression.