Intel SSD 320 Series Postville Refresh encounter a bug that could cause a significant loss of data storage capacity as well as drastically reduced.

The manager would be sought in the firmware of the new SSD. The bug in question in any case causes many inconveniences. Several owners have indeed reported to Intel and via comments on Amazon that after a time without apparent reason, all data is erased from Intel SSD 320 Series, which no longer display a capacity of 8 MB!

So hard to swallow for those who have invested in these new SSD represents the high end of Intel. Especially since the problem can occur within hours to several weeks after the installation of an Intel SSD 320 Series, some indicating that it occurs after a reboot.

Intel recognizes the problem and encourages those who have acquired an SSD in the series 320 to emerge from his after sales service. No solution is currently offered to users, and a reference procedure is not deemed necessary at least for now. For if the firmware is actually at issue, an update would be sufficient.

In all cases, the image of Intel takes is again undermined a few months after the discovery of a bug affecting the Cougar Point chipsets that work with Sandy Bridge processors which had the effect to delay the launch of Laptops Huron River for several months.