HP is updating its range of Mini 210 Netbooks passing the Atom N570 Dual Core and now has an audio solution Beats signed. This is the case of the model Mini 210-3020sf that appears less than 280 euros and has announced a range of more than 10 hours.

The HP Mini 210-3020sf brings a small change in the series of Mini 210 Netbooks Hewlett-Packard with the appearance of a solution to deliver audio Beats sound quality above average, while the audio is often the Cinderella laptops and Netbooks.

However, it seems that HP has decided to return to skip the velocity of the disk: while the previous Mini 210 model had a 250 GB 7200 rpm / min, here we find the same capacity but at 5400 rev / min. The question is whether the perception is very different in practice or not.

The transition to the N570 Dual Core Atom theory brings more performance, but it is hardly visible in practice, however, compared to the N550 Dual Core. Still, it helps to be a little more comfortable every day with an Atom Single Core (eg, Atom N455).