Samsung launches in France a new13.3-inch ultraportable format as Intel platform Huron River with aprocessor Core i3 Sandy Bridge and good storage space, the SamsungNP300V3A-A01.

Built around a Core i3-2310M SandyBridge and 4 GB of RAM, it ensures good performance in current useand multitasking for some more intensive applications are not madesimultaneously. If the HD video playback is smooth thanks to thepresence of the graphics Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated into SandyBridge processor, the games are not his strong point.

It has good storage space of 500 GB tostore a lot of files and its connectivity is pretty standard. Modulesare present wireless Bluetooth 3.0 + HS and Wi-Fi n and audio ports,HDMI and VGA video outputs and USB 2.0 3 in number. Damage, however,not to find the e-SATA port or USB 3.0.

The screen adopts its share of classicfeatures with a resolution of 1366 768 and a 16:9 format moresuitable for multimedia at the desktop. The question is whether thetreatment is glossy or matte. The hope of course is the secondsolution since the mat is much less prone to glare and thus readablein bright environments where it is difficult to distinguish what isdisplayed via a glossy, but it is a priori which is present in thelight of feedback from buyers abroad.