With his laptop N73SV-TZ542V, Asus offers a versatile platform onHuron River with Intel Technology Optimus with Nvidia DirectX 11, aprocessor Sandy Bridge i5, USB 3.0, a good space storage and a FullHD panel.

This laptop delivers good overallperformance with his trio CPU, RAM and graphics card. Built around anIntel platform Huron River, it ensures overall performance cansatisfy users with 4 GB of RAM and Intel Core i5-2410M.

The graphic part is it given to boththe Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated into Sandy Bridge CPU and thededicated card Geforce GT 540M. By default, the laptop runs on theIntel GMA 3000 HD which is much less energy intensive and thereforepromotes greater autonomy. When Optimus technology embedded valuesits poor performance at some point it starts to input the Geforce GT540M, automatically and in real time to switch back to the Intel GMA3000 HD as soon as possible.

If the Intel GMA 3000 HD and Geforce GT540M can play HD video properly, the second is more efficient in 3Dand will be sought if such a game is launched. In this area, it isable to handle a lot of games provided to reduce the screenresolution but also the levels of detail under the headings of mostapplicants. Indeed, the screen resolution is particularly high andtherefore involves more calculations to the GPU with a standardresolution.