The new laptop Asus P43E-VO022X is a14-inch target professionals with its rugged design, its securitytools and elegant design. Huron River in Intel platform, it appearsless than 550 euros with a processor Core i3 Sandy Bridge, a slab ofmatte and HDMI.

This laptop also has IceCool technologythat keeps the wrist at a comfortable temperature and Power4Gear toreduce noise by automatically adjusting the fan speed. Below, a casewith this card is useful for pros like Asus Switch Scene to changethe wallpaper, icons and disable the screensaver during presentationsfor example by simple key combination. A special BIOS has also beendeveloped for use with the mouse or touchpad.

In this area as well as multitaskingtoo pushed, he is doing well thanks to its Intel Core i3-2310M and 3GB of RAM. Damage, however, that the amount of RAM is not higher andadd a bar, it will be necessary to remove one. In all cases, a largeamount of RAM is supported by the OS Windows 7 Professional, whichintegrates over the Home Premium tools driven network management andsecurity as well to the way XP to install and use applications /drivers only compatible with Windows XP.

Also to attract professionals and moregenerally those who abhor the glossy panels, there is a matte screenjust prone to glare and thus readable in bright environments.Resolution of 1366 768 and 16:9 format well suited to playingvideos, however, are more traditional and consumer-oriented.