Communication around Windows 8 is infull swing, the opportunity for us to discover the native support forVHD and ISO files in the system.

Rajeev Nagar in charge of the storageaspect and files in Windows 8 reveals the ability to mount ISO imageseasily under Windows 8. The principle is simple: just double click anISO file to a virtual drive appears, allowing to view the content ofthis ISO file.The process is similar for VHD filesexcept for the fact that here a local disk with a new letter iscreated instead of a virtual optical device.

Then a simple click on the virtualoptical device or virtual hard disk and then eject the tape toolhelps to remove the virtual optical device or the virtual hard disk.The video presentation of the new features introduced in Windows 8 isalso an opportunity to discover a new menu.

Difficult for many to know if this isthe default menu in Windows 8 or a custom menu.Certainly, if the usercan access the same features as those found in previous Microsoft OS(Programs, Control Panel, etc), this would represent quite adisruption in the accustomed users and certainly a rejection of thefrom certain.