The new Samsung laptop RV520-S02 is a15.6-inch flexible technology with Optimus and a Core i3 Sandy Bridgethat appears in the Intel platform Huron River with good storagespace and a map Nvidia DirectX 11.

It sports a seemingly simple, elegantand original with his wrist silver, colors that can be found also inpart to the hull with the bottom is black like the keyboard and itssupport. Samsung ensures that it also benefits from a sturdy frame.

It benefits from technology OptimusNvidia that makes the laptop by default on the part of Intel GMA 3000HD integrated processor for low power consumption and promote goodself.However, Optimus switches automatically and in real time on theGeforce GT 520M 3D performance when needed than is necessary, if agame is launched, for example. In this area, however, no miracle andonly undemanding titles can pass correctly.

The Core i3-2310M Sandy Bridge and 4 GBof RAM in turn provide benefits very correct in everyday multitaskingtoo pushed. And if the user needs to be a little more comfortable, itcan for example add a second strip 4 GB DDR3.

For the rest, there are fairly standardspecifications with storage of 500 GB, bright screen 16:9 1366 768and includes the essential connection with 3 USB 2.0, VGA, Ethernet,audio ports, and Wi-Fi n HDMI, but no USB 3.0 in the program.