It was the turn of another laptop with the Geforce GTX 570M powerfularriving in the hexagon, the GT683DX MSI officially announced thebrand there is a two weeks. The model GT683DXR MSI-455 runs on Intelplatform Huron River with a 15.6-inch Full HD panel, a quad-coreSandy Bridge processor, 8 GB of RAM, two hard drives in RAID 0 swift,Blu-Ray and the USB 3.0.

Again, we find a Full HD 16:9 formatwell suited to playing videos, but also more generally to thoseseeking a spacious work and leisure. But here the treatment of thescreen is bright and not dull: the coup, but the colors look brightreflections appear in bright environments. Note also that a Full HD15.6 inch can cause eye strain in some people.

It is also possible to play Blu-Rayoptical drive with the board, including high-definition media you cantake directly to the PC via the Full HD screen or on an externaldisplay Full HD (a TV example) via HDMI. Side connections, since itis provided are also present VGA ports, e-SATA, audio, Ethernet,wireless modules and wireless-n and Bluetooth 4 USB, 2 of them beingUSB 3.0: if USB 3.0 devices connected to it, file transfers are thenmade up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

The heart of this cell consists of alarge amount of RAM 8 GB and a Quad Core processor, ideal couple totake advantage of strong overall performance including multitaskingand so see it coming: most users will indeed not need right away withall the power delivered by this duo. Multimedia, particularly insoftware intensive CPU and RAM as Adobe Photoshop for photo editingand Adobe Premiere for editing videos and 8 GB DDR3 Core i7-2630QMSandy Bridge unveil their full potential by offering faster treatmentwith a pair of Dual Core processor and 4 GB DDR3.