Matthew Garrett from Redhat hasrecently published a post explaining that installing Linux onmachines with Windows 8 and UEFI Boot Secure technology could bequite complicated. Microsoft was quick to respond and explained onhis blog.

First, Microsoft cautions thattechnology Secure Boot (start-Secure) is part of the UEFI (UnifiedExtensible Firmware Interface, the successor to BIOS) and not afeature specific to Windows 8. However, 8 Windows based Secure Bootcourse to secure the boot.

The goal is to neutralize any malwarebefore starting the system but also to prevent updates are carriedout and drivers installed without the explicit approval of the user.Software or drivers must be certified by a trusted authority forexecution.

Now Microsoft requires OEMs to includein their machines UEFI (at least version 2.3.1) but also Secure Bootif they wish to receive a certification that Windows 8. Certified PCsWindows 8 will be issued with a certificate for Microsoft SecureBoot.