Apple's iMac continues to set standards that com*peting all-in-one desktop PC manufacturers try to emu*late. The latest 21.S-inch iMac is encased in a unibody alu*minium shell, including the screen and stand, lending the iMac unmatched style and elegance. The all-metal shell adds to the iMac's superior build quality as well, compared to other all-in-one PCs in
this comparison.

The iMac's full- HD screen has a superior IPS panel, better than any other PC in this test. As a result, watching movies or gaming on the screen is better than the rest at good viewing angles. The iMac's speakers are good overall except for one problem - they're placed below the screen's edge and don't project sound as well as the IdeaCentre B320 or the Dell Inspiron One 2310. Its wireless keyboard doesn't have a number pad but the glass-top mouse supports multi-touch input.

No other all-in-one PC in this comparison comes even close to matching the iMac's internal hardware, which boasts a quad-core Intel Core is processor and AMD Radeon HD 67S0M graphics. Multi*tasking isn't a problem and the GPU allows for a decent gaming experience. The iMac is also equipped with a high*speed interface called Thun*derbolt, supporting transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps - sup*ported devices should surface soon. OveralL the iMac is a stylish all-in-one PC for your home, if you have the money to afford it.