With its 13.3-inch-U30SD RX100V, Asusprovides a compact platform as Intel Huron River with Optimustechnology with Nvidia DirectX 11, a beautiful self-announced 10hours, good storage space and to a Core i3 Sandy Bridge.

It has a relatively homogeneousconfiguration built around a processor core Sandy Bridge i3-2310M and4 GB of RAM, enough to enjoy the performance very correct in currentuse and multitasking too pushed.

With technology Optimus Nvidia board,both sides present graphs are used as needed in order to provide thebest possible independence. This is particularly why the PC isrunning by default on Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated into Sandy Bridgeprocessor because it is low-energy. Optimus analysis, however,real-time graphics needs and switches as needed on the dedicated cardGeforce GT 520M. For if the Intel GMA 3000 HD can play HD videosmoothly, it is less efficient than the dedicated GPU will besolicited him for example if a game is launched. In this area,however, no error and only few tracks resource intensive 3D canspend.

The hard drive on the other hand offersgood storage space of 500 GB and connectivity is relatively standardwith HDMI, VGA, Wi-Fi, audio ports, Ethernet and three USB 2.0 but noUSB 3.0, Bluetooth or e-SATA regret that probably some.

For its part, the screen displaysstandard features with 16:9 format, 1366 x 768 resolution andbrilliant handling while the mat is more suitable for portabledevices because it is less prone to glare and therefore more readablein bright environments.