AMD has revised downwards its forecastfor the third quarter, which was soon to affect its share price. AMDestimates that its turnover to grow by 4% to 6% for its third quarter2011 with a gross margin of 44% or 45%, while its previousprojections had forecast an increase of 8% to 12% of its business anda gross margin of 47%.

The Sunnyvale firm said its downwardrevisions by production problems at the site of Global foundries inDresden, Germany, which resulted in difficulties in supply andplatforms dedicated APU Llano (Sabine / Lynx). This is actually the32nm engraving raises concern. And as production has turned to thefinesse, the supply of 45nm chips has also been affected.

Following this announcement, investorswere quick to punish AMD. Yesterday its share price has unscrewedfrom 11.38% to 5.45 dollars, representing a fall of 86% in 5 years.The value of depth is thus estimated at 3.8 billion dollars.