Adobe offers the public the final versions of Flash Player 11 and 3 Air, with 3D and 64-bit program. Flash Player 11 provides several new features including support for 64-bit Windows and Mac as well as Internet Explorer browsers on Windows and Safari on Mac OS X.

Flash Player 11 also provides support for the 3D APIs Stage3D codenamed Molehill to create 3D visuals using the capabilities of the graphics and using OpenGL or DirectX 9 as the operating system. What choices for developers who used to date technology WebGL that does not require it to install a plug-in but in return is not supported by all browsers.

Under this new edition of Flash Player, it is also about better local H.264 encoding, support 7.1 sound, the codec G.711 (telephony) and Socket Progress events to create applications that can transfer huge amounts of data.

Adobe also updates its platform for creating AIR applications also in 3.0 final release and featuring Stage3D. Among the new found support for links within a single local application for HTML content and the front webcam for Android Smartphones and more iOS and BlackBerry, SiteCatalyst to know how content is consumed Multimedia's own site, new interface options, the ability to include code in AIR applications via new native API or to copy files locally by extracting the AIR and dragging on the desktop.