Will be launched in April 2012 the newLinux distribution Ubuntu 12.04, an LTS version, codenamed PrecisePengolin.

Precise Ubuntu 4.12 LTS editionPengolin is a Linux distribution, that is milled in an extendedsupport by Canonical, which will ensure the technical monitoring for3 years for the PC version and five years for servers.

If the choice of code name fell onPrecise Pengolin, because this animal, anteater scaly pangolin(scaly, and eats insects) never let slip an ant and have the abilityto survive an encounter with lions. Mark Shuttleworth, this is a goodmascot for Ubuntu 4.12 which means convincing, calm and expressinglongevity.

New side, not much to put in theirmouths now. We know still that Ubuntu 4.12 will further strengthenits interaction with the cloud while the desktop interface Unity willbe at the heart of development but not only. We should learn moreabout the Linux distribution Ubuntu 4.12 LTS at the Ubuntu DeveloperSummit (UDS) to be held from October 31 to November 4 in Orlando,Florida United States.