Following mixed reactions to the newmenu in its new operating system Windows 8, Microsoft explainedthrough his blog dedicated Windows Building 8.

Again, the Redmond company wanted torethink Windows with its new Windows OS 8, and it goes through themenu. Microsoft has at the same time fully aware that the slightestchange the interface can be quite disturbing for the users as theychallenge their habits.

The menu has evolved over the differentversions of Windows. Chaitanya Sareen support team Evolved CoreExperience in Windows 8 points each time justified criticisms wereissued.Windows 7 for example, the quick search is not always veryergonomic, different results are displayed either e-mail, files,etc..

Other problems remain as the fact thatthe menu seems quite narrow for everything in it, not takingadvantage of the space offered by the display in an optimized way. Itis also difficult to really customize the menu or to deal with iconsand shortcuts more attractive.

A table reveals behavioral changesbetween Windows Vista and Windows 7 address elements of the menu.This shows that users spend much less this way to access theirdocuments and photos with Windows 7. We also note that the majorityof users over pin on their favorite applications in the taskbar inthe Start menu.