To enhance the security of Firefox,Mozilla plans to block the Java plugin in your browser. A few daysago, two security researchers have developed the tool BEAST todemonstrate a security flaw: it allows an individual to launch amalicious attack based on the weaknesses ofSSL and TLS protocols intheir respective versions 3.0 (and earlier) and 1.0.

Mozilla says Firefox does not usevulnerable versions of these protocols, but said a flaw in Java canstill carry out this type of attack.

As a result, developers of Bugzillaoffer Firefox to block Java to guard against vulnerabilities.Theybelieve that it is Oracle, the Java editor, correct the vulnerabilityin question also brings 2 of the 5 most common malware earlier thisyear by McAfee.

A solution that is not reallysatisfactory in that the operation of certain Web sites may beimpacted negatively.