Available for download in a DeveloperPreview version for several weeks, the new operating system Windows 8plot. The company conducted a Mashwork computer graphics that allowsto know the reactions of Twitter users deal with this new OS.

Mashwork has indeed made a sort through65,968 comments related to Windows 8 published between 15 June and 22September 2011 on the social network Twitter and classified, whichprovides a good overview of what users think for now the newMicrosoft OS. Most of the reactions posted on Twitter during theconference were BUILD Microsoft-centric Windows 8 or rather thepre-release of Windows 8.

Tweets on 11 215 or 17% of the Tweetsof the study, 47% were for use on shelves and 53% on laptops anddesktops. But if the view is very optimistic for use on shelf, it ismuch less for use on standard PC with 44% think that Windows 8 willnot function on a computer.

And while 24% of the tweets wererelated to integration with the Xbox 360 console, 20% of them were onthe new default interface Metro UI based on that of Windows 7 Phonesystem with its tiles.

Finally, positive reactions ratherintrigued. We hope that Microsoft can reassure users of a computer orlaptop without a touch screen because right now, they are quitedoubtful for most of them about the relevance of the choices made byMicrosoft in interface, Metro does not seem well suited to this typeof machine. If the Redmond giant is trying to convince with recentposts on his blog Building Windows 8, for the time opinions are quitemixed.