The interface Metro Screen and the Start Windows 8 provoke many reactions and questions.Microsoft back in detail on a component of its new operating system, research in the Start Screen.

The Start Screen Windows 8 is the subject of numerous returns from Microsoft focusing on efficiency and productivity, particularly in the context of a professional. Brian Uphoff Team User Experience Search, View, and Command returns to research in the Start Screen to better explain the process for developers and demonstrating its usefulness.

Research from the Start menu has changed over the versions of Windows, your search results into categories, including Control Panel for Windows 7. However, the number of results displayed directly is limited by the size of the menu.

According to statistics gathered in Windows 7, 67% of searches are conducted to find and run a program, 22% for finding files and 9% to access the Control Panel features.
To search from the Start Screen on Windows 8, Microsoft has focused on three main elements: Apps (applications), Settings (parameters) and Files (files). Each group has different data.