We learn more about Ivy Bridge processors, the successors of the current Sandy Bridge, including their names provided by Intel. Ivy Bridge mobile processors from Intel and should bear a reference type 3xxxM-Core i3, i5 and Core i7-3xxxM-3xxx (Q) M with different variations such as Core i5-34xxM..

Pentium and Celeron processors should move them to a classification of this type: Pentium G2xxxM. A little while today's developments are such as Sandy Bridge referenced in this form: Core i3-2xxxM, Core i5 and Core i7-2xxxM-2xxx (Q) M.

Intel then resume the same kind of name for its Ivy Bridge, still capitalizing on the brand Core.
For now, it is not official information and the conditional is called for, even if these new names seem very credible. To recall, the processors have an Ivy Bridge 22nm engraving and architecture 3D transistors called Tri-Gate.