The revised Sandy Bridge processor hastwo cores, which are clocked at 2.2 GHz each - so it is slightlyfaster than its predecessor 2310m at 2.1 gigahertz. Thanks to thefast processor and four gigabytes of RAM does the unit standard taskslike working in Word and Excel with the starter installed Office 2010a breeze. Even complex reductions of videos such as for viewing on asmart phone, the laptop creates delay.

The screen with 39.62 inches diagonalis almost completely non-reflective. As usual in this class, it has aresolution of 1366x768 pixels. On the reproduction of text, graphics,photos and videos, there is nothing wrong with that picture qualityis decent. For the transport is lacking is a mechanism that shutsdown the screen to the housing.

Like virtually all current notebookalso has the Akoya a memory card reader for popular formats such asSD, Micro Stick and MMC. For external hard drives, USB flash drivesand mice, there are four well-placed USB ports, one of whom worksfast with the 3.0-technology. An external monitor, connect via VGA orHDMI. For wireless communication with Bluetooth phones on board.

Photos, videos and music you store on the 698-gigabyte hard drive.The DVD drive reads and writes with the exception of Blu-ray discsall standard silver. Camera and microphone enable video calling, USBTV tuner (DVB-T) and provide remote control television.