The information about the Linuxdistribution Ubuntu 4.12 code name of the Precise Pengolin proved todropper. We learn that it will no longer on a CD-ROM.

Canonical has decided that its newLinux distribution, Ubuntu is version 12.04 LTS (Long Time Support)with support for 5 years for desktop and server editions will bedistributed as an ISO image of 750 MB This means actually it will notbe possible to use a CD to install it and it will go through a DVD orUSB device such as a key.

In addition, preference will be 64-bitas far is the 32 bit version that was privileged. This decision isthe result of multiarch support, ie multiple architectures: 64-bitversion of Ubuntu can run applications 32-bit and 32-bit libraries.Of course there will always be possible to opt for downloading the32-bit edition.