Asus UX31 Ultrabook accept its format in a 13.3-inch version with aCore i5 Sandy Bridge low-power, an SSD of 128 GB, USB 3.0 and ascreen with a resolution higher than average. Asus ZenBookUX31E-RY009V course has a good weight and content of a beautifulfinesse.

The Asus ZenBook UX31E-RY009V workswell under the Home Premium Windows 7 Professional and not. Inaddition, it is characterized by a storage capacity of two timessmaller and a slightly less powerful processor.

Still, it offers good performance for aUltrabook, including current use and multitasking too pushed with 4GB of RAM, a Sandy Bridge processor low-power Core i5-2557M and SSDthat enhances the responsiveness of the system including startup orshutdown and the launch of applications.

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Storage capacity of 128 GB is far belowcurrent standards compared to mechanical hard drives, but is still OKfor a machine of this type that is meant to be portable, lightweight,low-energy and quiet, qualities brings the SSD. Also with 128 GB, itis quite possible to install multiple software and store keydocuments. Otherwise, we may use an external device like a harddrive.

Like its big brother, it has a displayarea of 1600 900 larger than most models from 11 to 16 inches(1366 768) while being comfortable. In contrast, the 16:9 formatglossy and its treatment are more traditional. It is a pity that Asushas not offered to a slab model mate less prone to glare and easierto read in bright environments, an important element for a portablemachine.