MSI released their GT780R-453, a new versatile laptop with 17.3-inchtargeting players. It appears Huron River Intel platform withpowerful Nvidia graphics card, a Full HD panel mate, two hard drivesswift good ability, a Core i7 Sandy Bridge, USB 3.0 and a solution2.1 audio.

To do so, it incorporates a graphicscard powerful high-end GeForce GTX 560M. In practice, users canindulge in his favorite songs, including the most recent andresource-intensive 3D.Under the latter, however, such concessions arenecessary because of the high resolution of the slab.
The screen is indeed a Full HD modelthat involves more computation for the GPU than the 1366 768 andthus a reduced number of fps. Lower levels of detail and / ordefinition of the screen makes it possible to be more comfortable indemanding titles.

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The Full HD nevertheless the advantageof providing a beautiful space to work and play with its 16:9 formatwell suited to playing videos, and some regret, therefore, no doubtthe lack of Blu -Ray. Others may, however, enjoy the treatment of thefloor mat, less prone to glare and therefore more readable thanglossy, but also less tiring in the long run for the eyes.

In order to support the GeForce GTX560M, MSI has integrated the two portable hard drives of 500 GB swiftat 7200 rev / min in RAID 0 configured to provide more responsivethan models 5400 rev / min, an important element in game. The 1000 GBcan also store many files diverse and varied, for example multimediawork.

For the nice amount of RAM and 8 GBIntel Core i7-2670QM Sandy Bridge are well suited to these uses,allowing faster treatment with 4 GB DDR3 and Dual Core CPU in theareas resource intensive and RAM processor such as video editing, 3Drendering and photo editing. In addition, this duo delivers harddrives associated with a higher power that many users need practiceincluding multitasking, enough to see it coming and many support theGeforce GTX 560M in games.