If you are looking for a versatile laptop large size, the AsusX93SV-YZ132V could seduce you. It runs on Intel platform Huron Riverwith a swift drive of fine ability, a Core i5 Sandy Bridge, USB 3.0and a dedicated graphics card Nvidia DirectX 11, all in a 18.4-inchformat.

It offers a beautiful display space very comfortable with its Full HD16:9 format that takes a particularly well suited to video playbackand treatment that revives the brilliant colors but appears prone toglare. The optical drive but can not read Blu-Ray but it's hard tofault this PC on the basis of the price.

HD video playback, however, does notpose any concern to the dedicated graphics card Geforce GT 540M,which can also play a lot of titles in a satisfactory manner if welower the screen resolution and detail levels in the most resourceintensive 3D.

Good overall performance can satisfymost users are generally issued by the PC with 4 GB of RAM, the IntelCore i5-2430M Sandy Bridge and the hard drive. Besides the fact thatit offers a substantial storage capacity of 1000 GB, it works becauseat 7200 rev / min instead of 5400 rev / min which usually increasesthe system responsiveness. Also thanks to the RAM slot can theneasily switch to 8 GB DDR3 order to change this laptop cheaply.

Connectivity is also very correctmodule with wireless Wi-Fi, HDMI and VGA video outputs, audio ports,Ethernet and four USB with a USB 3.0 to enjoy much faster transfersthan USB 2.0 with USB devices 3.0.