The Asus G74SX-TY275V is a newversatile laptop with 17.3-inch efficient targeting players with itsdedicated graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M and good swift harddrive capacity. It also has a Core i7 Sandy Bridge, a nice amount ofRAM, USB 3.0 and a backlit keyboard.

With targeted players from membershipin the range of Asus Republic of Gamer, this notebook includes nosurprise one of the most powerful mobile GPU of the moment, theGeforce GTX 560M. With this dedicated graphics card, the user is ableto indulge in their favorite games, including the most recent andresource-intensive 3D. Under the latter, however, minor adjustmentsmay be necessary.

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While some will point the finger at theclassical resolution of 1600 900 of the slab, it has the advantageof being able to play a greater number of securities with a nativeresolution of Full HD. Because in games, plus the definition, thehigher the graphics card should perform calculations which leads to adecrease of fps.

To fully support the Geforce GTX 560M,which of course allows to read without regard to HD video on thescreen 16:9 shiny Asus laptop that includes a hard drive with goodstorage capacity of 750 GB with a speed of operation of 7200 rev /min to enhance the reactivity to a model at 5400 r / min, a niceamount of RAM to 8GB and a Core i7-2670QM. In other words, mostpeople enjoy is a power greater than their needs, what to see comefrom as far as possible thereafter to increase the amount of RAM byadding a bar on a slot available.

Strong overall performance are issued,including processing speed in some areas demanding RAM and CPUresources as 3D rendering, video editing or photo editing work which4 Sandy Bridge processor cores are utilized.