Microsoft continues its communicationaround Windows 8 and details this time the setup, ie the installationof its new operating system. Simplified with only 11 steps, it ispossible to effect the Internet.

After discussing the appearance updatesvia Windows Update, so getting down to Microsoft detailing theinstallation procedure for Windows 8.

If the process of installing a newversion of Windows has been simplified and improved over theversions, progress is still needed. It should also distinguish theinstallation of a new machine installation / upgrading from anexisting system.

Most users choose to buy a new PC toenjoy a new OS, and that even with Windows 7, for example, they couldinstall it on their previous computer. It turns out that many of themfeel that installing a new Windows is too complicated.

Microsoft has decided to allow easyinstallation by running a Windows 8 DVD from the desktop, but also afacility with an advanced start on DVD or USB drive. For the first,the Redmond company will also offer the opportunity to go through aninstallation online, via the Internet so without buying a box withthe DVD in Windows 8. This includes the user does not have to enterthe activation code.