The Linux world knows few changeslately. Ubuntu shows indeed his popularity drop to users of desktopPCs in favor of Fedora and OpenSUSE, Mint users the most attractive.

The reverse curves and positionsbetween Ubuntu and Mint is striking, with the first leader in 2005and the second last while at present they appear on the first andfourth place, a decrease of 47.2% for the first and 105% increase forthe second.

For Royal Pingdom, the disaffection ofusers to Ubuntu is probably put on the account of the new Unityinterface is far from unanimous, because its appearance coincideswith the decreasing popularity of the distribution of Canonical.

The new Gnome Shell, which spreadsthrough the adoption of Gnome 3.0 is also far from pleasing to manyLinux users. If Linux Mint was up to version 11 opted to stay awayfrom Unity and Gnome Shell is no longer the case since version 12.

Remains to be seen whether thepositions of Mint and Ubuntu will confirm in the next few months asthey are now adopting interfaces that are far from unanimous.