Most Popular Ubuntu, the Linux Mint 12on behalf of Lisa cose is now available for download in final form.Based on Ubuntu which in turn is based on Debian, the distributionMint 12 code-named Lisa offers several new features, the main onebeing the transition to the Gnome desktop environment 3.2. This isthe first foray in the Mint 3.x branch of Gnome because until now ithad merely Gnome 2.x.

However in Mint Gnome desktopenvironment 3.2, which is far from unanimous, is associated with aitnerface MGSE (Mint Gnome Shell Extensions). By disabling it, thereis the classic Gnome 3.2. Otherwise, a custom interface that aims tobe more attractive to the user.

MGSE is a layer that provides theelements closer to Gnome 2.x to make the transition smoothly with abottom panel, a menu of applications, the list of windows, icons inthe notification area and an office task-based with switching betweenwindows and not between applications.

For those wishing to get away even moreGnome 3.2, Mint integrates MATE, a fork of Gnome 2.x present in theDVD edition. Built around the core (kernel) Linux 3.0, thedistribution Mint 12 also offers two themes (Mint-Z-Z clear and MintDark Dark) and the default search engine Duck Duck Go is: it does notdisplay the results according to the user and does not storeinformation related with it.