Intel is working on a system docking station for wireless Ultrabooksbased on the WiGig standard. In addition to docking stationsoperating Thunderbolt technology, Intel is also working on a solutionof dock using Wireless WiGig standard, a technology developed by theWireless Gigabit Alliance that brings together several industryleaders Intel, AMD, Broadcom , Cisco, NEC, Marvell, MediaTek,Qualcomm, Microsoft, Nvidia, Dell, Samsung, Nokia, PanasonicorToshiba to name a few.

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The WiGig standard is based on theWi-Fi 802.11 (Wi-Fi n) that provides higher bandwidth (7 Gb / s) bytransmitting data at a frequency of 60 GHz against 2.4 GHz and / or 5GHz for the Wi-Fi network with which the WiGig is compatible.

For Ultrabooks, this would provide afaster and powerful signal to communicate with a docking station andwithout the use of cable. An interesting solution in that space islimited in the design of Ultrabooks, thin and light machines whoseconnections are often anemic. Without one or more additionalconnectors positioned directly on the Ultrabook can represent a moreattractive to manufacturers but also users as long as the Ultrabooksand dock integrate technology WiGig course.