If you are looking for a 15.6-inchlaptop for everyday use and your budget is tight, the Lenovo ThinkPadEdge 15 (NVM2CFR) might get your attention. Intel Calpella platform,it appears, in fact, currently available flash less than 360 euroswith a processor Arrandale Core i3, 500 GB disk space, a slab and amate connectors including HDMI and ExpressCard.

It has a connector which is comparableto many more expensive models less well provided with wirelessmodules Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, HDMI video output and VGA and 4 USB 2.0ports with 1 combo e-SATA and a self-powered for use in charging asmall device. In addition, the ExpressCard slot allows for example totake advantage of USB 3.0 via a dedicated card.

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And that's not all that PC alsoincludes a anti-glare screen that reveals much less prone to glarethan glossy and therefore more readable in bright environments(outdoors for example).The scoring system is composed of the classicdouble as well as a touchpad Trackpoint for even more precision.Certainly, no numeric keypad to program but difficult to make him thereproach.

Another advantage of this laptop butnot least, its Calpella platform with Intel Core i3-370M associatedwith 4 GB of RAM to ensure good performance in everyday multitaskingtoo pushed. Of course, no miracle waiting on the Intel GMA graphics,but HD is sufficient to use classical view photos and play videos forexample. Next game, it will be content with the minimum, withconcessions at the level of detail and resolution of the slab.