A study published in the medicaljournal Fertility and Sterility says that the use of Wi-Fi and alaptop could greatly affect human fertility by damaging spermquality. Use a laptop and connect with Wi-Fi would have serioushealth consequences, especially on male fertility. Researchers saythe study because:
Our data suggest that the use of awireless computer connected to the Internet and positioned close tothe male reproductive organs may decrease the quality of human sperm.

Researchers have actually analyzedsemen samples from 29 healthy men aged 26 to 45 years under a Netbookconnected via Wi-Fi Internet. In just four hours, a quarter ofsamples is more mobile, and 9% were damaged DNA. For samplespositioned further away from the computer, the figures arerespectively 14% and 3%.

The Wi-Fi has a negative impact onsperm due to electromagnetic radiation it produces, impacting boththe mobility and the genetic code of the sperm. By using the computeron his knees causes an increase of 2.5 in the temperature of thetesticles after hour of use so that their temperature shouldnormally be between 33 and 34 .