Microsoft announces plans to automatically update the InternetExplorer browser to its latest version available from January 2012and for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. In a post Gavin Ryansaid the goal of Microsoft is to ensure that users get the latestversion of its Internet Explorer browser. Simply to enjoy the bestpossible user experience but also for better protection, includingsecurity, against malware for example.

Hence the desire to force the hand ofthe user by automatically downloading the latest version of InternetExplorer available for their system right from the month of January:it is Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 and Vista and InternetExplorer 8 for Windows XP. Following the update, user settings (homepage, search engine, default browser) will be retained. Users whowish may still block the process of automatic update. It's the peoplewho have refused to install Internet Explorer 8 and / or 9 viaWindows Update.

Automatic switching to the latestversions of Internet Explorer, also according to Microsoft to offer abetter experience and better security, perhaps a way to draw a lineof old drafts such as Internet Explorer 6. According to figures fromNetMarkeShare, this browser currently accounts for 8.03% market shareagainst 5.28% for Internet Explorer 7.0, 10.25% for IE 9.0 and 28.20%for IE 8.0. Older browsers of the Redmond company therefore have tothis day a significant market share.