This is a review for the novel 14.1broad display ThinkPad Z61t with titanium cover. The Z61t is theupgraded to the novel broad display Z series of ThinkPads. It sportsIntel's Core Duo processor. The Z series is the more multimediaoriented notebook in the ThinkPad line with a broad display,built-in web cam, media card reader, Fire Wire connector and more. Itunites the convenience and quality of a notebook with the functioningand practicality of a desktop.

I applied to have a Dell Inspiron 1100,took 3 years ago only because I thought it was a great deal. Itemployed a 2 GHz Celeron processor. I soon recognized what a mistakeit was. I applied to curse it each other day. It was nothing but abrick and later 1 year of it would enigmatically shutdown afterapplying it for more as compared to 2 hours. It was producing plentyheat to hold my house warm in winter. I ditched it later only 1 yearsof usage. I was someway handling on my office supplied Pentium III900 MHz desktop.

I also expected something lighttherefore that I can simply carry it around the house with one hand.Another need was to have everything in the data to be in one securelocation. I have an external USB hard disk or printer or DVD burner,LCD monitor etc. Even I produce it a point to support my computeroften with the external hard disk. I couldn't give to link all theseaccessories and disconnect them one by one when I required to carrythe laptop. therefore, a mature and simple docking solution was amust.

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I spent some time seeming at an HPdv2000t, but their docking solution is a joke. Plus, the buildquality wasn't plenty for me. Next was the Dell latitude D620. Theconstruct standard seemed great. I'm not certain why I seemed atDell again afforded my first experience, but either way I decidedversus the D620 at the last moment because of lack of S-video andlast Dell nightmares. I then took my friend's suggestion to bring afeel at ThinkPads. I didn't experience Lenovo had broad display consumer oriented notebooks. Later researching for 2-days I washooked. I required a ThinkPad at any cost.

The Z61t is built mast but not rocksolid as T series. It was a small thicker as compared to I imagined.The titanium cover is a plus and seems decent unlike those shiny HPlaptops. As soon as you open the display, you will remark that thislaptop feels solid. The within is created from rugged and eleganthigh standard plastic.

Two metal hinges of similar size backupthe display. There is no clogging when opening and closing the lid.You will require both the hands to open the display. Even, if youattempt to open it with only one hand, you don't watch the displaybend like another laptops. The feel and look of the area about thedisplay probably also produce you think it's created by metal notplastic. The just thing that seems plastic is the shiny EVDO antennaextend which is connected to the display.