Between gaming laptops, Alienware’s construct is one of the excellent. Though M14X might be one of the latest notebooks in the market, but it has nearly entire the parts which create Alienware unique. The construction quality of M14X is so good as it extends a well amalgam of metals and plastics. M14X experience solid and the design is rather thick. The chassis of the notebook is rather thick and it does not flex below pressure. Weight can be an consequences with M14X as the device weighs over 6 lbs which creates portability an consequences with the device. One cannot acquire a simple access to the random access memory of the system, hard drive and cordless cards.

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M14X arrives with a pairs of display choices. You acquired a 14.0″ high def display or 14.0″ High Def+ display. 14.0″ high def display is able of displaying images of resolution measuring 1366×768 pixels. 14.0″ high def+ display is capable of displaying images of answers measuring 1600×900 pixels. The screens are covered with glass recovering which assists to develop contrast and appearance in dark rooms. But we noticed that under indoor lighting or outside the display affected reflections. The colors looked sharp and vibrant and the viewing angles were too so good. While playing HD games, the sound and the colors looked rather bright and well saturated.

M14X has traditional styled keyboard device which is so much the similar to as that of other Alienware notebooks. The keys are concave in shape and the key travel is rather excellent. They have a rubbery non-slippery surface. Entirely the keyboard gave us nice typing fells and it feels great. The keys need moderate actuation force and hence it furnished excellent advantage to gamers. The keyboard is backlit in nature which facilitates typing in the dark.

M14x boasts few excellent stereo speakers which are "situated" on the either side of the display hinge only above the keyboard.