Intel will launch later in Q2 2011 a new mobile processor platform for Sandy Bridge Huron River, the Celeron 847 ULV low power consumption.

As its name suggests the there is a processor designed for entry-level laptops to integrate low power consumption for which autonomy is an important criterion.

The ULV Celeron Dual Core 847 has two cores but lacks Hyper-Threading and therefore offers two threads. Clocked at 1.1 GHz, engraved in 32nm and has a 2 MB L3 cache.

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With a TDP of 18W, it has the EM64T and virtualization technology (VT-x) as well as some HD Intel GMA 3000, but has no turbo boost.

Intel will market its new Celeron ULV processor Sandy Bridge Dual Core 847 to 134 euros each (1,000 units ordered). We could find this CPU in our laptops from the third quarter of 2011.